Weebly Is Forcing Me To Login With Facebook!

A Website Developer rant (I need to scream right now – but will have a little ranty tanty here instead!)

Yet ANOTHER reason Weebly and other website builder platforms you might use (that you don’t own or have control of) totally suck!

I’m working on a client site at the moment… moving them off Weebly and onto their very own website (that they own and have full control of), and Weebly has decided I need to use MY Facebook account to login – even tho I’ve never used it for Weebly – AND I have the username & password to access the client website!

So what does this mean?

I can’t access the client’s existing website for them.

And I suspect the client may not be able to login to their current website either ?


I did what any smart sista would do … I googled it and found this issue has been going on since 2013!!!!

Moral of the story?

Please think long and hard about where your business might be down the track.

If you start with one of these website builder platforms, what is it going to cost to move to a better platform when you find it doesn’t work for you, or you don’t get traffic and customers cause their coding totally sucks and wont appear in Google – or worse still, that you’re logged out of your own f*cking website?

If you think there’s any chance your business could be successful, then please show it some respect, and give your website the best possible start it can have – and that sure as shit isn’t some crappy bloody website builder platform that doesn’t respect you or your business ‼️‼️‼️‼️

Please start the way you mean to go on … with a website platform that YOU own and control!

Phew – rant over!


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