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Pro Toolkit add on for LearnDash adds 25 new and powerful modules to LearnDash sites. From transcripts and time tracking to group branding and registration, the Pro plugin packages everything we think is useful for most LearnDash sites into a single, featured-packed product.

Full Available Features List

This is the full list of available features for this Plugin.

Autocomplete Lessons & Topics when Quiz is Graded

Automatically mark lessons and topics as completed when an associated quiz is manually graded, saving learners from returning to the course to mark them complete.

Certificate Preview

Test certificates without leaving the quiz edit page. Saves time by no longer having to create test courses and quizzes to get certificate layout right.

Course Dashboard

Display a list of courses, lessons and topics for users with intuitive controls for starting a course, resuming a course, and accessing earned certificates.

Email Course Certificates

Send a PDF copy of certificates earned from course completions to admins, Group Leaders and students.

Improve Group Leader Interface

Want to restrict Group Leader access in /wp-admin/ or keep them out entirely? Add role-based restrictions to /wp-admin, access to group courses and a login redirect.

Autocomplete Lessons & Topics

Automatically mark all or some lessons and topics as completed when a user views them. Remove Mark Complete buttons for easy navigation.

Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Gravity Forms Submission

Mark a lesson or topic as completed automatically when a user submits a form inside a lesson or topic. Great for mandatory feedback forms.

Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Quiz Results Page

Mark lessons and topics as complete when a quiz is graded so that learners aren’t stranded when they forget to click a button on the Quiz Results page.

Days Until Course Expiry

Display the number of days until the learner’s access to the current course expires. This is invaluable on sites that expire access at the course level.

Drip Lessons by Group

Unlock access to LearnDash lessons at the group level instead of setting behaviours for all LearnDash users.

Duplicate Pages & Posts

Clone pages, posts, LearnDash courses, lessons, topics, quizzes and more.

Email Quiz Certificates

Send PDF certificates following quiz completions to admins, Group Leaders and students.

Enhanced Course Grid

Display a grid of LearnDash courses with unparalleled flexibility, including course resume buttons and which courses to show.

Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid

Show lessons and topics within a LearnDash course using a grid, with or without using featured images.

Group Expiration

Remove course access for everyone in a LearnDash Group on a specific calendar day and notify users of the expiration by email.

Group Login Redirect

Redirect members of a group to a specific page on login with support for prioritizing redirects when users are in multiple groups.

Group Logo/List

Rebrand front end pages or show pertinent organization information to members of a group.

Group Registration

Create unique registration pages for each group that allow anyone to register from that URL and be added to the group automatically.

Import Users

Bar none, the best way to import users to WordPress in bulk while granting course and group access. It includes custom emails and error checking before upload.

Lazy Loading Course Navigation

For enterprise users with lots of course content, swapping out the standard Course Navigation widget for this shortcode can improve performance for learners up to 25%.

Learner Transcript

Create branded and printable transcripts for learners that summarize course completions and quiz performance.

Reset Progress Button

Make it easy for learners to reset their progress in a course by clicking a button. Great for course users need to retake.

Sample Lesson Label

Add a visual label to lesson lists to clearly identify to users which lessons are samples.

Simple Course Timer

Track how long users spend in a LearnDash course, and stop the timer with custom messaging when users are inactive.

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