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Be found online, gain more business.

We know what it takes to get your products & services under the noses of buy-ready consumers.

Having a quality website and creating content that does justice to your business is vital to the success of your business online.

We know what needs to be done to build a website that your customers will love to use and purchase through, whether that's by contacting you for your services or purchasing your products through an online store.

Having your dream website built doesn't have to be painful, stressful, or send you broke.  You just need the right team by your side, guiding you through the process and ensuring every detail has been thought of.

Good Website Design is about so much more than pretty pictures, fonts and colours.

It's about whether your website can be used by someone on a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop.  A bad website design will mean your business is penalised and ignored not just by your customers, but also by Google when returning search results.

All of the websites we create are thoroughly checked to ensure they're responsive on all devices... and that they look pretty of course.

somewhat scary

Website Statistics

Research tells us a lot about how consumers engage with websites and what they expect from yours.  Here's some stats for you to ponder.



is how long it takes for the visitors to your website to form an opinion about your business, based purely on your website.

what's your current website saying about you?



of visitors to your website consider the design as the number one factor when assessing the credibility of your business.

how credible does your business look?



of visitors to your website will never return if your website has performed poorly with it's speed, content or design.

would you return to your website?

How can we help your business succeed online?

Standard Websites

We want to help you dominate your industry, so we've mastered our process which means we can develop kick ass websites for an affordable price.

These aren't crappy little freebie site builder websites either.  They're freaking awesome WordPress websites, built by WordPress professional developers with a truck load of experience.

Bespoke Websites

Big dreamer?  So are we which is why we love working on Websites that are 100% customised to you and your audience.

This might be the design of the website, or you might need some seriously high-tech functions included.  Either way, if bespoke is your style, let us know what you're dreaming of for your new website.

Online Stores

Did you know you can run a seriously impressive Online Store through your Website?  That's right - no need for Shopify, Big Commerce, or any other third party websites.

We offer a turnkey E-Commerce solution. We’ll handle all the heavy lifting, and you’ll end up with a fully functional store ready to process sales from the moment it goes live.

Online Learning

Online Learning is becoming a massive industry that's opening up to almost any industry imaginable.

Our Online Learning Portal is integrated into your Website and allows you to create and sell Courses.  It also means you can award Certificates for Course completion, manage Users, download reports & so much more.

Coaching Portal

Coaching is another big industry with the masses realising the value in having a Business Coach or Life Coach.

Our Coaching Portal allows you to create & sell your very own Courses & manage your Clients - making it easier than ever for you to deliver your programs to the masses, no matter where they are.

Online Bookings

Let us integrate a seriously impressing Appointment & Event Booking system into your Website.

This system allows you to set your availability, accept payments for bookings via a range of platforms, provides you with a Calendar of bookings, send automatic reminders & so much more.

Now let's talk about
the Nitty Gritty

Everything you need to know about what we do, how we do it.

Installation of WooCommerce plugin to your Website.
Customisation of Store Settings to match your business details.
Selling location restrictions implemented (if required).
Product Setting configuration including; stock management options, add to cart behaviour, product reviews.
Flat Rate Shipping set up.
Shipping Weight & Size Calculation integration. Not set up for Products.
Free Shipping configured for your chosen criteria.
Coupon Code integration. Not set up.

Off-site Website Build meaning we build your new Website & Online Store on a demo URL. This means that your current website won’t be disturbed at all until we “Go Live”.
One Theme selection from our range of samples.
Theme customised according to your requests of fonts, colours, text content & images.
Your Logo displayed in the website header.
Click-to-call phone number at the bottom of each website page when displayed on a smartphone.
Responsive design that will display professionally on all devices (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops).

Each Website Page will have a link to it from the top Navigation bar.
Home Page customised to include your provided text content & images.
Contact Page with a Contact Form, your business contact details & a Location Map.
Blog Page which will automatically display all of your Blog Posts. This page is optional for those who would like to Blog.
Four Website Pages customised with your provided text content & images. These may be used for a gallery, portfolio, services, ect.
Sitemap Website Page which is an automatically generated index of all the website pages on your website.
Privacy Policy Website Page which includes a generic statement advising your visitors of how their information is handled in accordance with Privacy Laws.
Terms and Services Website Page which is a generic statement outlining the way in which your website should be used by visitors.
Each Store Page can have a link to it from the top Navigation bar.
Store Page displaying a Product listing for each Product.
This listing displays:
Product Title
Feature Images
Short Description
Category Pages to display the Products from each Category.
Shopping Cart Page to display products your customer has added to their cart.
Checkout Page to allow your customers to finalise and pay for their orders.
Customer Account Profile which allows your customers to manage their profiles, orders ect.
If customisation or Content needs to be uploaded to any of the above Pages, it will be counted as one Custom Page from the Website Inclusions.

-Uploading of four individual simple Products to your Store which includes:
-One Featured Image
-One Gallery Image
-Up to five Categories
-Up to five Tags
-Short Description
-Detailed Description
-Product Import & Export configuration and template Import Spreadsheet.
-Secure Payment configuration for PayPal, Stripe & AfterPay.

-Email Newsletter integration which allows you to collect Subscribers and automatically send them an email each time you publish a new Blog Post.
-Opt-in box for your Email Newsletter so you can easily collect new Subscriptions through your website.
-Social Media Share buttons to allow visitors to your website to easily share your content to their profiles.
-Social Media Links to your profiles to encourage more engagement outside of your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

No.  That’s why we have you choose from one of our Themes.  This acts as a Live Demo so you can see how the website will function and feel.  Keep in mind while looking at the Themes that all text, images, colours and fonts will be customised according to your instructions.

We can leave your Hosting exactly as is if that’s what you’d like.  Nothing will change with us building your new Website on your current Hosting.

No.  Who you choose to Host your Website is completely up to you.  We prefer that our Client’s Host their Websites through us so that we know exactly the kind of standard of Hosting you’re receiving, and so that we can be sure that your investment, and our hard work is properly protected.

Any images that we use on a Website need to be high resolution so they display correctly on all devices and don’t go blurry.

Also - 'Landscape' images work so much better than 'Portrait', so make sure the majority of your images are in Landscape please.  We cal also use the occasional 'Portrait' too.

Image sizes should be AT LEAST 2200px wide. 

Yes.  It's super super easy to update your site ... if you can send an email you can update your site 😉

We make sure you're armed with all the info you need to manage it yourself (if you want to).

We have a complete Training & Support website setup to help you, with over 40 instruction videos, and a pdf user manual you can print out, spill coffee on and dog ear pages lol.  

Our Build Process

In order to be able to provide the quality that we do, for the prices we’re offering - we have to really streamline our process and ensure that every single Website Project stays within the process and the Scope of Work.

Introduction to The Client Hub

As you've probably noticed, we do things a little differently around here.  Which is why we've developed our top secret Client Hub. 

This is where we manage your Project - providing you updates, sharing important info ect.

It's also where you can access Training & User Guides to help you do almost any task on your Website once it's live.

And you can even choose to upgrade the functions of your Website with our range of Website Add Ons.

Website Information Form

The first thing we'll ask you to do is complete our online Website Information Form.  This form collects all of the business information that we need from you:

  • Personal & Business Information
  • Social Media Profile Links
  • Domain Registration Information
  • Current Hosting Details
  • Website Information
  • Website Keywords
  • Website Theme & Customisation; logo, chosen fonts, chosen colours

Development Phase

Now that we have all the information we need from you, we can get cracking on building your new Website on our Demo URL. 

This is when we customise your chosen Theme with the colours and fonts you've chosen, and we do all the techo background work that gets your website functioning awesomely!

Website Content Form

While we work on this, we get you thinking about and working on putting together your Content & Images for when we're ready to load it in.  To do this, we use another awesome form - our Website Content Form which will collect:

  • Website Page Content
    • name for each page,
    • copy and paste or type your text content
    • upload your images
    • tell us what keywords you would like us to target ect.

E-Commerce Store Settings Form (Online Stores Only)

Once you've gotten your Website Content Form through to us, we will ask you to get thinking about the Store Setting you'd like us to set up and will ask you to complete another form to collect this information so we can set your Online Store settings to be exactly how you need them.

Content Phase

Now that we have your content, we'll work through each page to upload the text and images you've provided us.  We'll also do a few more tweaks to the design of your Website to make sure it looks its absolute best once your content & images are uploaded.

E-Commerce Product Upload (Online Stores Only)

Now that we've built the foundation of your website and we know how you want your Online Store set up - we'll upload 4 Simple Products to get you started and show you how they will display.

First Website Revision

Once we’ve built and customised your website according to your instructions on the Website Content Form, we’ll send you a link to the Demo URL & our First Website Review Form

You can then take a couple of days to have a really good look over what we’ve built and use the Form to submit any requests for small changes. 

These changes might be changing colours, you may want to tweak the content you’ve provided us, maybe you want some different images uploaded, those sort of bits and bobs.

Tweaks & Responsive Design

With your small change request in our hot little hands, we will set about making them and working on ensuring your Website is completely responsive - meaning it shows beautifully on all devices - small and large and again, tweaking the design of your Website to ensure it's look fan-freakin'-tabulous!

Second Website Revision

We’re now so excitingly close to launching your awesome new Website!!! 

At this point, we’ll send you another link to our Second Website Review Form and you’ll have another chance at reviewing the Website one last time and asking for any small changes to be made that you may have missed the first time round.

Time To Go Live

Pop the bubbles, throw some confetti in the air & do a happy dance because your website will now Go Live. 

This means that we will complete that second round of changes you’ve requested and carry out some seriously nerdy setting tests and checks before we transfer your new Website over from your Demo URL to your actual URL.

The Project Scope

We provide each of your Clients with a comprehensive Project Scope which is usually included on your Invoice. Or if you have been sent a Proposal (usually only for large, complex Projects) it will be outlined on there.

The Project Scope explains in detail the services we will be offering and the price we have both agreed on.  This is to help us both stay on top of what work has been agreed to.

Let us help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.​

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