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Want to start selling through your Website?

There's no need to use yet another third party platform when your own WordPress Website holds all the super powers needed!

In the competitive E-Commerce market, it’s critical to grab visitors’ attention right away and convey the unique value you can offer. We create our designs with your business in mind, giving you complete flexibility over the end product. You come away with a distinctive, engaging look.

Built On Your Website

Transform your WordPress website into a seamlessly integrated Online Store with the addition of the WooCommerce plugin.

This is the best way to ensure that your investment, your website content, your products and most importantly your customer database remains securely yours at all time.

Easy To Manage,
Easy To Use

WooCommerce is designed with ease of use for both you as the Store Manager and your customers in mind.

Countless big brand online retailers use this platform for it's endless growth potential, smooth social media integration & stunning designs and layouts.

Complete Store Management

Manage all of your orders, customer purchase history, stock levels, postage notification & more from within your website.

You can even schedule sales on particular items, offer coupon codes with limited uses or expiry dates & offer free shipping for orders of a certain amount.

It doesn't have to be a pain in the ass!

You don’t have hours to spend learning how to make your store work or worrying about the technical details. That’s why we offer a turnkey E-Commerce solution. We’ll handle all the heavy lifting, and you’ll end up with a fully functional store ready to process sales from the moment it goes live.

An online store’s inventory is constantly changing. We’ll specifically design your store with that in mind, making it simple to use and modify as you grow. You’ll be able to effortlessly manage your inventory and make more sales with pinpoint precision – even if you aren’t tech savvy.

What's Included?

These are our Standard Inclusions, we can tailor your solution to fit your budget, your needs & your customer's expectations.

  • Installation of WooCommerce plugin to your Website.
  • Customisation of Store Settings to match your business details.
  • Selling location restrictions implemented (if required).
  • Product Setting configuration including; stock management options, add to cart behaviour, product reviews.
  • Flat Rate Shipping set up.
  • Shipping Weight & Size Calculation integration. Not set up for Products.
  • Free Shipping configured for your chosen criteria.
  • Coupon Code integration.
  • Off-site Website Build meaning we build your new Website & Online Store on a demo URL. This means that your current website won’t be disturbed at all until we “Go Live”.
  • One Theme selection from our range of samples.
    Theme customised according to your requests of fonts, colours, text content & images.
  • Your Logo displayed in the website header.
  • Click-to-call phone number at the bottom of each website page when displayed on a smartphone.
  • Responsive design that will display professionally on all devices (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops).
  • Each Website Page will have a link to it from the top Navigation bar.
  • Home Page customised to include your provided text content & images.
  • Contact Page with a Contact Form, your business contact details & a Location Map.
  • Blog Page which will automatically display all of your Blog Posts. This page is optional for those who would like to Blog.
  • Four Website Pages customised with your provided text content & images. These may be used for a gallery, portfolio, services, ect.
  • Sitemap Website Page which is an automatically generated index of all the website pages on your website.
  • Privacy Policy Website Page which includes a generic statement advising your visitors of how their information is handled in accordance with Privacy Laws.
  • Terms and Services Website Page which is a generic statement outlining the way in which your website should be used by visitors.
  • Each Store Page can have a link to it from the top Navigation bar.
  • Store Page displaying a Product listing for each Product.
    This listing displays:
    - Product Title
    - Feature Images
    - Short Description
    - Price
    - Category
    - Tag
  • Category Pages to display the Products from each Category.
  • Shopping Cart Page to display products your customer has added to their cart.
  • Checkout Page to allow your customers to finalise and pay for their orders.
  • Customer Account Profile which allows your customers to manage their profiles, orders ect.
  • Uploading of four individual simple Products to your Store which includes:
    -One Featured Image
    -One Gallery Image
    -Up to five Categories
    -Up to five Tags
    -Short Description
    -Detailed Description
  • Product Import & Export configuration and template Import Spreadsheet.
  • Secure Payment configuration for PayPal, Stripe & AfterPay.
  • Email Newsletter integration which allows you to collect Subscribers and automatically send them an email each time you publish a new Blog Post.
  • Opt-in box for your Email Newsletter so you can easily collect new Subscriptions through your website.
  • Social Media Share buttons to allow visitors to your website to easily share your content to their profiles.
  • Social Media Links to your profiles to encourage more engagement outside of your website.

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