Local SEO

Get to the top of Google search results.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about getting your website displayed on the first page of Google search result for your industry.

SEO is all about trust.

We all trust Google to find the best answers to our questions and for that to work, Google needs to be able to trust your website to provide the best experience for their users.
Google wants to know that the website it's users is being sent to has relevant, updated information, that the design is user friendly, and that the website loads quickly.

The way we prove that the information on your website is through the use of keywords.  This is what Google users type into the search engine, and this is what your website so should be waving in front of Google's face daily.

Local SEO is the same concept, except that it's focused on your local city, area, or region.  Targeting your local demographic is going to give you a better chance at ranking on the first page of search results, than a broad term would.

For example, when we search for "Restaurants" in Google, we see results for high end restaurants in our nearest Capital City.  These results aren't close enough to where we live so we would narrow it down by adding our city, region or area to the search term.  This will give us a much more appropriate result.  This is Local SEO.

For you, the business owner, there is less competition when targeting Local SEO, Google will like that your website is providing user with more accurate results and your local customers will be able to find you easier.

How can we help get your website on page one?

We will develop and implement a tailored 12 month Local SEO Domination campaign for Your Business in your niche industry, within your local area.
The packages we offer will see you reaching your goals of dominating Google and giving your competitors a run for their money.


Reputation Building

To get things kicked off, we complete a full Website SEO Audit to see what you're currently doing (if anything) and what opportunities you're missing out on.

Then we jump into Keyword Research to see what people type in to find your competitiors and we develop a SEO Strategy targeting these keywords in your local area.

Next we make sure your fabulous website is search engine optimises by carrying out some On Page SEO tasks that will make sure Google is getting a clear message about your business & what you do.

At the end of the month, we'll send you a Keyword Report so you can compare your ranking results to those in the Website SEO Audit.


Relevance Building

Once we've completed Phase One, we can now get cracking on building your Business's Reputation in the eyes of the search engines.

Social Media Engagement is a great way to boost your SEO and is one of the methods we use. We know how to get a Facebook Post with a link back to your webnsite liked & shared enough to gain the search engines interest.

Content Creation is exactly as it sounds. We write professional SEO Specific Content for your website that we will then upload to your website.

Relevance is all about keywords. We need to use carefully placed keywords to tell Google exactly what your business does. What are the services you offer and the locations that you provide them?


Maintaining Currency

On the monthly anniversary of your SEO Domination campaign starting, we will generate a Keyword Report and send it through to you. This will highlight the current Google Ranking position of your website for each of the selected keywords, so you can see the progress we’re making and how your website is improving.

Once we've dominated the search results for your keywords, we'll review them and choose a fresh selection to target for the following campaigns.

We'll continue to build the reputation of your website with genuine recommendations from other websites, and will continue to write & update keyword rich content to your website to ensure your providing current information.

Our SEO Guarantee...

We guarantee to improve the Google page ranking of your website for the chosen keywords and locations within the first 30 days of your campaign commencing..

If our Monthly Keyword Report, which monitors your Google page ranking, doesn’t show an improvement after the first month, we’ll continue the SEO Domination campaign for free until it does or until the end of Month 3 - whichever comes first.

Local SEO Monthly Packages

All Prices are + GST

$ 500 per month

Bronze SEO Plan

We'll focus on getting your Business to the top of the Google Search Results for 1 Keyword & 1 Location or Region.
For example: "Gympie Restaurant"

$ 1500 per month

Gold SEO Plan

We'll focus on getting your Business to the top of the Google Search Results for 3 Keywords & 1 Location or Region.
For example: "Gympie Restaurant"
& "Gympie Takeaway"
& "Gympie Burgers"

$ 1000 per month

Silver SEO Plan

We'll focus on getting your Business to the top of the Google Search Results for 2 Keywords & 1 Location or Region.
For example: "Gympie Restaurant"
& "Gympie Takeaway"

$ 2000 per month

Platinum SEO Plan

We'll focus on getting your Business to the top of the Google Search Results for 4 Keywords & 2 Locations or Regions.
For example:
"Gympie Restaurant" & "Gympie Takeaway"
+ "Cooroy Restaurant" & "Cooroy Catering"

Ready to get found online?

Search Engine Optimisation is a scientific process that if followed properly, will see your website skyrocket to the first page of Google in no time. 

Which ever way you choose to go for your Local SEO, we'll guide you through the process with ease, confidence & plain English.

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