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Uncanny Groups gives group leaders exactly what they need to manage and report on their users – without having to access the confusing /wp-admin interface.  This Plugin provides group leaders with a powerful front-end interface for viewing, grading and approving quiz essay questions and assignments.

Group Leaders can:

  • add and invite users, 
  • send password reset emails, 
  • mass email all students in the group
  • 5 reports that let group leaders view the progress and quiz results by user, group, or course.
    Even drill down into the specific answers each user chose on quizzes!
  • enrol users in their group by adding them directly, by uploading a .csv file, or by distributing enrolment keys so that users can self-register
  • manage learner progress and download learner certificates

Group Management Page

Access for Group Leaders:

  • Removing Users from Groups
  • Resetting User Passwords
  • Adding Users in Bulk
  • Downloading Group Enrollments Keys
  • Emailing Group Members
  • Adding Additional Group Leaders
  • Removing Group Leaders

Group Information

When you log in and navigate to the Group Management page, the first thing you see is the group name or a drop-down list of all of the groups you are managing.

On the Group Management page, below the group heading and drop down list, you will see an indicator of seats remaining and total seats for the group you have currently selected, and a list of links to the courses associated with that Group.  As groups change over time (seats are added, courses are added to groups, etc.) this information will be updated for quick reference.

Group Users

The next section of the page is the Enrolled Users list that contains two menus for the main management functions that are available to Group Leaders on the front end (see Fig. 2 below). The Enrolled Users list is the current list of your group users, their email addresses, their status, and their enrollment key.  Group Leaders can click a user’s name to bring up the Edit User dialog.

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Group Management Reporting

One additional way that the Uncanny LearnDash Groups Plugin enhances and increases the power of  LearnDash Groups management is by offering great front end reports that are available exclusively for Group Leaders.  

There are two report pages; the Group Leader Report page & the Group Quiz Report page.  

These pages are immediately accessible for any Group Leader from their Group Management Page.

The Group Course Report – Each report will return the identity of your enrolled users, their % complete, and the date of completion.

The Group Quiz Report – A table displaying all users’ results for that quiz will be displayed. If statistics are enabled for the quiz, you’ll also see links to a detailed report for each attempt.  You can also export the results to a CSV file.  Clicking the icon in the detailed report column will open a more detailed view, per user, for each question in the quiz, including their answers

Individual Report – The individual reports show an individual user’s progress across all of their courses.

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