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Amelia is a simple yet powerful automated booking specialist, working 24/7 to make sure your customers can book appointments or events and pay online even while you sleep!

Installation & Integration Inclusions

This is the list of features that will be integrated by Dominate Marketing Hub:

  • Install & setup Amelia Booking plugin to your WordPress website with base configuration
  • Set the colours to match the website where possible
  • Setup: General settings; Notification settings
  • Create base booking pages
  • Connect to WooCommerce to process payments through your PayPal & Stripe accounts
  • Connect to your Google Calendar (we’ll need your login details to do this)
  • Create one service with one location

Full Available Features List

This is the full list of available features for this Plugin.  Please note – not all of these features are set up or integrated by Dominate Marketing Hub.

  • SMS Notifications
    Be in instant touch with your customers and employees – communicate with them through SMS text messages.
  • Custom services schedule
    Take advantage of full scheduling flexibility with the custom services schedule feature – configure the working hours and breaks individually per service and employee combinations.
  • Special days
    With just a few clicks configure non-recurring days with special working hours and service schedule.
  • Schedule Recurring Appointments
    Make sure your customers will become your returning customers by letting them schedule recurring appointments. Choose whether your appointment recurrence is daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Maintain your customers satisfied on regular-basis.
  • Custom Fields for booking forms
    Construct the booking form to match your business best – configure the custom fields (checkboxes, textareas, etc.) to collect any additional necessary information from your customers.
  • WooCommerce Integration
    Take care of all your payments, taxes and invoices by using native Amelia WooCommerce integration.
  • Native Zoom integration
    In a few clicks, you can connect your Zoom account with Amelia. Now your customers can book online appointments and events, and get a link to access them in the notification. This integration will save you a ton of time and help reduce no-shows.
  • Google Calendar Synchronization
    Let your employees keep track of all appointments in their own Google Calendar.
  • Events
    Configure one-off or repeating events like conferences, classes, meetups, concerts, or anything else – provide a smooth and easy front-end booking interface and a comprehensive attendance management in the back-end!
  • Search interface for bookings
    A convenient search-like interface to look for a suitable service, employee and time by choosing one or more filter criteria.
  • Step-by-step booking wizard
    An alternative way of scheduling appointments by choosing one parameter (service, employee, date) at each step.
  • Catalogue view for services
    Quickly create an excellent looking services catalogue with just several clicks.
  • Insightful dashboard and reporting
    Keep an eye on how your business performs – track the most important financial and conversion-related KPIs through charts in a dashboard.
  • Calendar and list view
    Amelia provides multiple options for managing the workflow, depending on the level you want to track: monthly, weekly, daily calendar view, timeline, or just an interactive list of appointments.
  • Manage multiple employees
    Keep employees contact data in the WordPress database, manage individual load and performance, configure personal working schedule and days off.
  • Manage multiple locations
    If you have several business locations, you can efficiently manage this with Amelia, storing contact data, address, and geolocation.
  • Individual employee or service booking forms
    Each form that you publish to the site’s front-end can be customized: it can allow booking any service or employee, or just a specific one.
  • Group appointment bookings
    Appointments do not always have to be individual – Amelia supports group bookings as well (e.g., for group excursions). Each service can have minimum and maximum capacity.
  • Configure minimum time required before booking and before cancelling
    Depending on your business, configure the periods for bookings and cancellations.
  • Automated notifications
    Send e-mail & SMS notifications both to customers and employees – when an appointment is booked, pending, canceled, rejected, birthday greeting, appointment follow-up, and other.
  • Four gateways for email notifications (SMTP, standard PHP sendmail, Mailgun API and WP Mail)
    Configure the gateway for sending email notifications that suits you best.
  • Configure global working hours, breaks and days off for the company
    Enter your standard business hours, non-working days and bank holidays, and each new employee will have this schedule by default, which you can adjust individually later.
  • Configure currency, time and date format, and number format settings appropriate for your country
    Currencies and formats are fully customisable.
  • Support for PayPal payment system
    The most popular payment system in the world supported out-of-the-box.
  • Support for Stripe payment system
    Allow your customers to pay for their reservations via Stripe payment system.
  • Support for multiple services and service categories
    No matter how many different services do you provide, you can add all of them to Amelia, configuring individual duration, price, and other parameters.
  • Buffer time before and after service
    Configure buffer time, required before and after the service, if the employees need some preparation before, or clean-up after an appointment.
  • Service Photo Galleries
    Upload multiple pictures for service, to be shown on site’s front-end as service photo galleries/slideshows.
  • Support for Service Extras
    Configure extra services, or special treatments provided additionally with a service, which can optionally raise the service price.
  • Book appointments from the back-end
    If your customers book over the phone, you can quickly add their reservations to the database through the admin panel.
  • Create customer accounts from the back-end
    While creating a new appointment, you can quickly create a new WordPress user account for the customer, so he could later book with it.
  • Manage the database of your customers
    List your customers in a convenient filterable grid/list view. Sort by alphabet, or last visit.
  • Full financial details of the payments
    A single database of all payments where you can check each payment status (finalised or pending), payment gateway (on site, PayPal, Stripe), total amount, discount, and other information.
  • Discount coupons for bookings
    Create and track usage of discount coupons – for all or some specific services, with a particular usage limit, a fixed amount discount or percentage.
  • Customisable design
    Choose colours and fonts for the front-end elements to make the booking controls match your WordPress theme and corporate brand style.
  • User Roles and Permissions
    Amelia has four built-in user roles: admin, manager, employee, and customer. Each role has its scope of permissions. Adjusting user permissions through WordPress’ native capabilities system is possible.
  • Web Hooks
    Connect Amelia with third party applications and send appointments and events data after each booking, cancelling and/or rescheduling action.
  • GDPR Compliant
    Amelia does not store any customers’ data in compliance with GDPR. In Amelia Customer Panel, your customers can access, manage, and delete their personal data at any point in time.
  • Amelia Customer Panel
    Let your customers efficiently manage their appointments, events, and profile right on your website by instantly entering the shortcode on a page. Customers can cancel or reschedule appointments without logging into WordPress.
  • Amelia Employee Panel
    Let your employees manage their bookings without access to WordPress Dashboard, straight from the front-end page of you your website. Employees can log in and take control over their appointments and events, manage their schedule, working hours, days off and special days. Employees can manage price for their services, as well as the capacity.

Live Demo

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