Website Updates

Our time block method means they'll be no hidden surprises when the bill comes in.

Let's keep it fresh.

Our Work Request packages mean you'll always know how much your Website Updates are going to cost before we even start the work.

Let us know what updates or changes you'd like made and we'll let you know which time block will be most efficient for you.

If we don't use up all the time, you'll be able to "bank" this time for us within the next 30 days.

If we do use it all, and still need a little extra, we'll contact you for approval first.


30 minutes - $67

This is great for adding functions which might include:

  • adding new Blog Posts that you've written
  • updating a Gallery with new images
  • adding or removing services
  • little tweaks to the design of your website
  • creating a new page & adding content

60 minutes - $117

With this package, we can dive in deeper for tasks such as:

  • adding a booking system
  • adding downloadable files
  • adding more than 2 new blog posts
  • more technical design changes such as fonts, colours, ect.
  • adding a social media feed

Half Day - $300

For a complete 3 hours of the day - we're all yours.

With you on call for any information clarification we need, we'll work exclusively on your Work Request for the entire time block.

This can be used to complete any work you need doing to your website.  This would be ideal for changing the entire look and feel of your website with a new Theme installation.

Full Day - $600

For a complete 6 hours of the day - we're all yours.

Again with this package, it's vital that you're available to us during the time block so we can wrap up your Work Request in the time allocated.

This package is ideal is you'd like to make some serious changes to your website.  It might include and whole new Theme installation and the addition of some content that you provide.

"What if I don't use my whole time block?"

No problems.  We're happy to "bank" that unused time allocation for 30 days from when we complete the Work Request, meaning what ever time we don't use, we will let you use within 30 days.

"What if you go over my time block?"

We will never go over your time block.  If we can't complete the work within the time block you've purchased, we will contact you and ask that you purchase another Work Request.

"I'm already a Client on a Care Plan."

Awesome!  You will have a Work Time allocation within your Care Plan which means, you only need to purchase one of these if the work you have for us to complete is likely to go above your inclusion.

Ready to keep it fresh?

Know which Work Request package you need and am ready to get started?

Not sure which package is right for you and need to chat about what you want done?

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