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Here's what's included...

New Website

Choose from our range of Websites that we've pre-built specifically for local tradie businesses. These websites are ready-to-go with a quality design, basic text and even some images.

They look great on computers, phones, ipad & tablets and best of all - they take all the hard work out of having a website built and maintaining or updating it.

All you have to do is send us your business info & contact details. Tell us where you wanna focus your work. And give us a list of your services.

We'll include a link to send you an email, your phone number as a link that calls you when people click on it. Or if you really just hate answering the phone on site or hearing it "ding-ding" all day - we can use a simple form that will collect all the important info from customers and send it to any email address you want.

Google Maps

You know when you Google a business and they show up on the Google Map with a listing next to it?

That's a Google Maps listing and it doesn't happen automatically or magically.

Having your business show in these listings are a massive boost to your online visibility and will drive more customers to your website.

It's also really freakin' important for your business as more and more people are using their phones to search for businesses which is what these listings are really targeted towards.

We'll set up your Google Map listing, make sure all the important information is added correctly, verified and showing to your potential customers.

Google Searches

Okay it's actually called Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short - but who gives a shit what it's called - let's talk about what it is...

It's making sure your Website shows up on Google when someone types in your industry and the region you wanna work in. This is a Keyword.

For example "electrician gympie" typed into Google is going to show us the sparkie's up that way - but not all of them will show up on the first page.

The ones that show up are the ones who first of all have a website... a GOOD website that's built with SEO in mind.

They also have someone working behind-the-scenes magic to make sure they earn that first page position and maintain it for that Keyword. Someone like us. 😉

choose your package...

Package One

Website Build
Three Website Pages
Google Maps Listing

$1000+ GST

Package Two

Website Build
Three Website Pages
Google Maps Listing
3 Month Local SEO Campaign
One Target Keyword (Service)
One Target Location

$2500+ GST

Package Three

Website Build
Five Website Pages
Google Maps Listing
3 Month Local SEO Campaign
Two Target Keywords (Services)
One Target Location

$4500+ GST

Don't let your competitors steal your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No.  That’s why we have you choose from one of our Themes.  This acts as a Live Demo so you can see how the website will function and feel.  Keep in mind while looking at the Themes that all text, images, colours and fonts will be customised according to your instructions.

We can leave your Hosting exactly as is if that’s what you’d like.  Nothing will change with us building your new Website on your current Hosting.

No.  Who you choose to Host your Website is completely up to you.  We prefer that our Client’s Host their Websites through us so that we know exactly the kind of standard of Hosting you’re receiving, and so that we can be sure that your investment, and our hard work is properly protected.

Any images that we use on a Website need to be high resolution so they display correctly on all devices and don’t go blurry.

Also - 'Landscape' images work so much better than 'Portrait', so make sure the majority of your images are in Landscape please.  We cal also use the occasional 'Portrait' too.

Image sizes should be AT LEAST 2200px wide. 

Yes.  It's super super easy to update your site ... if you can send an email you can update your site 😉

We make sure you're armed with all the info you need to manage it yourself (if you want to).

We have a complete Training & Support website setup to help you, with over 40 instruction videos, and a pdf user manual you can print out, spill coffee on and dog ear pages lol.  

The Project Scope

We provide each of your Clients with a comprehensive Project Scope which is usually included on your Invoice. Or if you have been sent a Proposal (usually only for large, complex Projects) it will be outlined on there.

The Project Scope explains in detail the services we will be offering and the price we have both agreed on.  This is to help us both stay on top of what work has been agreed to.

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