Delivery Policy

Search Engine Optimisation Plans

All search engine optimisation plans offered by Dominate Marketing Hub are offered on a month to month basis, with no locked in contracts, unless otherwise specified.

This means that we collect payments in advance for each month of your SEO campaign.

This payment is collected via recurring automated subscription.

Your SEO plan starts from the date of payment as is recurring each month until you notify us of cancellation.

Upon setting up the initial payment, we will be in touch within the next 24 hours to set up your campaign in our systems and complete any required keyword research.

The first months reports of the work complete and ranking progressions will be available and sent directly to you via email exactly one month after starting the campaign. You will receive these reports each month thereafter on your signup date.

Delivery of SEO:  SEO services will be carried out upon receipt of each monthly subscription payment.

Website Design & Development

Upon agreeing on a final price for a web design/development project we will require a 50% deposit to start with.

Unless otherwise specified, we will develop your website within 4 - 6 weeks and seek your approval.

Once you are satisfied with the website and ready to publish it, the remainder of the agreed price will be due (upon completion).

Delivery of Website Design & Development:  After the final payment has been received, we will send your website live - it will then be considered  to be delivered in full.

Hosting Plans

Hosting plans are priced month to month, with no locked-in contracts.

We require payment of each month of hosting in advance, meaning you pay upfront for each month that we host your website, emails, etc. on our servers.

This payment is collected via recurring automated subscription.

We provide you with an invoice each month outlining the details of your hosting plan and price paid/due.

Delivery of Hosting:  Delivery of your hosting is automatic once the payment has been received.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above, or would like to inquire about our service delivery policies please contact us today.

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