Google Maps SEO

Boost your Google Maps listing.

If your website has a physical store, your Google Listing should be optimised to drive traffic to your website and your store.

A Google My Business account means you can have your business listed in the Google Maps search results that appear at the top of search results of a mobile device, or to one side on a laptop or desktop.

You can add photos, offers, and information about your business to give your customers a reason to choose your business over others.

Click to call, launch Google Maps, message you or visit your website encourage engagement and further help drive customers to your business.

Just like with anything Google does, it has a set of rules that we need to play by if we want to reap the benefits.  This means that your Google My Business page and Google Maps listing needs to properly set up and optimised to make sure you're getting the most out of it.

It can be a bit of task to get it all running smoothly which is why we offer it as a Do It For You service.  Once it's all established and running smoothly, we can continue to manage and update your page and listing, or we can hand it over to you with our Complete Local SEO Guide for you to manage yourself.

mind boggling

Google Maps Statistics

Shopping habits are being driven more and more by on demand information.  Customers are now researching your business while on the go, on their mobiles and looking for the quickest way to contact you.



of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps

would they find your business?



of visitors to your website consider the design as the number one factor when assessing the credibility of your business

how credible does your business look?



of visitors to your website will never return if your website has performed poorly with it's speed, content or design

would you return to your website?

How can we help your business succeed online?

We have a range of services that will see your business explode online with the development, design, testing & tweaking of a brand spankin' new website.

"I don't have a website at the moment"

No problems.  We're here to educate you, guide you and build you a fantastic website from the ground up.  We handle all of it from your Domain Registration, to your Monthly  Hosting, and we can even Manage Your Website to make sure it's always updated, backed up and performing at it's optimum.

"My website just isn't working for me"

We hear that a lot.  Maybe the design isn't reflecting your business anymore.  Maybe the information is outdated.  Or maybe it's built on a platform that just isn't user friendly.  We can start from scratch with all new content, or we can pull the content from your website and build something fresh that better represents your business

"I need to start selling online"

There is never a bad time to launch an Online Store.  The awesome news is that you don't need a separate website or platform to do this, it can all be built on your website.  We're able to integrate your Online Store with a vast number of payment gateways, shipping suppliers, even bookkeeping and account programs to ensure your Online Store runs smoothly for you and your customers.
There's no limit on the number of products you can list, sales you can process and you have complete control over inventory levels, stock availability, sizing, colour options and so much more.

Ready to dominate online business?

Our website are always optimised for Search Engine Optimisation, designed to be responsive so the website looks and functions seamlessly on a variety of different devices, and most importantly our Hosting is secure, reliable and affordable.

Let us help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.​

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