SEO Website Audit

  • Detailed analysis of your current SEO performance.
  • Comprehensive list of your current SEO assets.
  • Summary of how Google decides on SEO rankings.
  • Recommendations to boost your Google ranking.


Our SEO Website Audit will tell you exactly why Google is punishing your website and how you can fix it – for free with very little tech knowledge!

The SEO Website Audit is for you if:

  • You’re a business owner / decision maker.
  • You want to bring in all the work you can handle.
  • You understand the power of SEO & want to know more.
  • You’re passionate about your business & know your value.
  • You want simple, actionable steps to improve your SEO.

We’ll dive into a detailed SEO Audit of your website to identify the reasons you’re being penalised by Google and not showing in the search results where you deserve to.

We’ll do this by literally scrolling your website, clicking on the links, testing the responsiveness (does it look good on a phone) and a few other points.

Then we’ll run your website through our super nerdy Audit Tool which will look at the back end of your website to tell us what’s going on behind the scenes.

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