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Branding Special

Want to be just a business or a Brand?

Branding is all about the impression you make. It conveys what is special about your business and it should make your business POP for just $770.

Branding is all about expressing your personality so people instantly feel they connect with you and your products.
So what makes a brand?

A Solid Strategy.  An Identity. A Clear Voice.

The big guys don't just wing it and hope for the best, they have a precise formula that they follow that sees them succeed time-after-time.

A formula that acts as their identity.  It makes them recognisable to their customers, it shows consistency and dedication to quality and it keeps them in line with their goals.

And we've got the secret formula!

Let's talk Brand Style Guides...

They may sound impressive, but the power of this document lies in it's contents.  This is your secret tool to creating a culture, an identity, a recognisable "face" for your business.

We supply you with all the tools you need to turn your small business into an instantly recognisable Brand.

$770 Branding Package details

Mood Board

A collection of images that sets the mood for your brand.  It should at a glance invoke an emotion, paint a picture and show the personality behind your brand.

Colour Specifications

Selecting the perfect colours for your branding is harder than it sounds. Did you know there's a psychological connection to the colours we see and the feeling we associate with them?

Font Specification

Hands down our favourite part of the process is selecting the 3 fonts for your brand. We'll supply you with a collection of beautiful fonts that will work perfectly with your package.

Logo Design

The all important logo. The one shot you get to show people who you are, what you do and how freaking-awesome your brand is.

Logo Variations

One logo will not fit all purposes.  This is why we create a collection of Logo Variations to be used on marketing materials & social media.

Style Guide

Once we've worked our magic and created your drool-worthy new brand, we'll package it up into a neat little file for you, complete with a Style Guide Document that tells you what should be used and when.

our super simple

Branding Process

step 0

Initial Consultation

First of all we need to get to know the person behind the brand to make sure we're going to just love working together.  We'll have a casual chat about what it is you do and what is it you're looking to achieve with our help.

step 0


Next we'll get you to fill in our super simple questionnaire to give us everything we need to provide the perfect branding solution and will guide us with your ideas and preferences the whole way through.

step 0

Inspiration Brainstorm

This is the really, really fun part!  We'll share a Pinterest board for you to go crazy with!  This is your chance to show us what you love for colours, textures, logos, fonts & anything else that inspires you.

step 0

Competitor Comparison

This is where we do some sneaky lurking of your high end competition to see what they're up to.  What's working well, what's not doing so great and how we can make sure we're aligning ourselves with their standards.

step 0

Design Development

This is the part we get all high-pitched kinda excited about.  We're now ready to start working on your Brand Design using all the information we've gathered so far.  This is where we'll work out all the finer details that will hopefully blow you away!

step 0

Project Completion

WOOHOO... we're done!
By this point, you will have a complete Branding Strategy that you love and that best represents your brand and the image you want to put out there.  We'll send you a link to everything you need to move forward as a fabulous brand!

$2000 - $4000 of value
for the super affordable $770!

"I don't have a logo at the moment"

No problems.  That's sometimes easier for us as we can dive right in with fresh ideas and inspiration taken from your Mood Board.

"I already have a logo"

That's cool.  If you're coming to us for a Branding Package, you're obviously not totally in love with your current Logo so we'll work with you to freshen up your current design, or go all out with a brand new identity for your business.

What do we need from you?

The most important thing we need you to bring to the table for your Branding is your inspiration.  We use this to establish colours, fonts, and the logo.

  • Pinterest Board. We create a board especially for you to go nuts brainstorming with images that you feel would best represent your brand.  These can be landscape photos, model photos, other logos, colour schemes... anything that makes you feel something and connect with.


  • Pinterest not your thing?  Don't stress.  We can also get the ball rolling by asking you to send us to 5 Websites or Instagram profiles of businesses or brands that you love and would like to align your business with.

Ready to secure your $770 Branding Package?

The Nitty Gritty

Everything You Need To Know About Our $770 Branding Package Special

For the total cost of $770 AUD, we’ll create & customise the following:

  • Mood Board comprising of nine images that demonstrate colours, textures and a general "feel" for your brand.  These images may be protected by Copyright and are not to be used for purposed other than the Mood Board.
  • Colour Specification of five colours that are carefully curated to complement each other, and reflect your Mood Board.  These will be a primary & secondary colour, along with a feature, accent and body text colour.
  • Font Specification of three fonts that work seamlessly together and further drive the feel of your Mood Board.  These will be a header, feature and body font.
  • Logo Design that's 100% customised and original to your brand.  The logo will be delivered to you in PNG format with a transparent background.  We will also provide you with an SVG file so you have complete ownership and control.
  • Logo Variations provide you with a logo customised for the purpose of a long banner, square profile as well as a simplified icon and favicon.
  • Branding Concept which beautifully displays the above information in a single PDF which can be used by employees, future designers, or even used by yourself to inspire.
  • Style Guide documentation which outlines the appropriate uses for all the Branding Elements.  This is a great document for maintaining quality control.

As you know, this is a very special branding price.  In order to be able to provide the quality that we do, for the price we’re offering - we have to really streamline our process and ensure that every single Branding Project stays within the process and the Scope of Work.

Step One - Invoice Payment

Once we’ve had a chat about your needs, and you’re pumped and ready for us to get started on your Branding, we will send you through an Invoice for the full amount of the project.

Step Two - Branding Package Form

Once we’ve received that payment, we will email you a link to our online Branding Package Form.  This form collects all of the business information that we need from you:

  • Personal & Business Information
  • Social Media Profile Links
  • Who You Are & What You Do
  • Your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Main Competitors
  • Colour Ideas
  • Font Ideas

Now that we have all the information we need from you, we can get cracking on the super fun Brain Storm Step!

Step Three - Inspiration Brainstorm

Pinterest or no Pinterest, we need to compile a heap of images that give us an idea of the "feel" you'd like the achieve with your Branding.

This can photos of places, people, colour combo's, other logos, Instagram feeds, anything really that will help us nail the look you have in your head.

Step Four - Logo Concept

First of all, we develop a single Logo Concept based on all the information we've gathered and the research we've completed and send it through to you for feedback.  Most of the time, we've delivered on your vision, but we don't always crack it on the first go.  Once we've tweaked the design according to your feedback, we will move forward.

Step Five - Logo Variations & Package Development

The final step is for us to now create your Logo Variations and put the finishing touched on your Branding Concept and Style Guide before we hand it over to you in a neat little zipped folder with everything you could ever need in the future.


No.  That’s why we have you put together an Inspiration Brainstorm so that we can be confident we're nailing your expectations from the start.  This is how we're able to offer such a crazy awesome price as well.

Absolutely.   We all want you to love the crap out of your new Branding so we do give you a chance after the first Logo Development to have a look over it and provide any feedback before we continue with variations.

Let's turn your business
into a Brand.

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